X12 standard

How is the X12 standard applicable in the healthcare industry? The X12 standard, also known as ASC X12, is a widely used electronic data interchange (EDI) standard in the healthcare industry. It is developed and maintained by the Accredited Standards Committee X12, which is responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for various industries, including healthcare. In Read More →

HIPAA EDI training

How EDI contributes to Healthcare privacy? Electronic Data Interchange plays a crucial role in stimulating HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy in healthcare by providing a standardized and secure method for transmitting sensitive healthcare information. Here’s how EDI contributes to HIPAA privacy in healthcare: Secure Data Transmission: EDI ensures the secure and encrypted transmission of Read More →

HIPAA Claims

Non-Standard Claims Converted to Standard Claims (HealthLink) If the HealthLink Document Control Number (DCN) begins with an “E”, HealthLink received the claim electronically from a provider. If the HealthLink DCN starts with any other character, the claim was received on paper (or manually). Professional and institutional claims which can be scanned and via imaging made Read More →

EDI training for healthcare

Perfect Order For Improved Patient Care (Mercy Health Case Study) Three years after instituting the Perfect Order program between BD and ROi/Mercy, EDI utilisation remains high and error rates remain very low. In December 2015, 97.64 percent of BD products purchased by ROi/Mercy were via EDI and 96.46 percent of the line items were “touchless,” accounting for some items that Read More →