EDI Custom On-Site Training For Enterprises EDI custom on-site training provided by EDI Academy is a good chance to educate your staff by a group training. EDI custom on-site training classes are designed to give a foundation of practical knowledge about EDI applications and how they apply to your business. At our EDI custom on-site Read More →

EDI Acknowledgment – Emdeon  Receiver Guidance This blog post represents EDI Acknowledgment Emdeon implementation guidance for supporting claim acknowledgment transactions in response to a received 837 5010 claim file. Emdeon strongly recommends that payers return EDI Acknowledgment, claim status, and ERA transaction responses. 837 5010 Claim EDI Acknowledgment file received from Emdeon Payer generated claim acknowledgement Read More →

Emdeon Clearinghouse EDI Program Guidelines Emdeon Clearinghouse EDI program connects providers, payers and other health care partners using computers and communications networks or modems and ordinary phone lines. It allows you to send and receive vital healthcare information electronically. Information is sent from your billing or practice management system to an Emdeon Clearinghouse EDI network where it is verified for Read More →

Affinity Health Plan 837 Claims:  Electronic Claims Submission Find out the third part of Affinity Health Plan 837 Claims FAQs regarding to Affinity Health Plan Electronic Data Interchange program. Affinity Health Plan 837 Claims FAQs present additional information useful for all parties taking part in claims submission. Affinity Health Plan 837 Claims FAQs Why is Read More →

San Francisco Health Plan HIPAA Compliance General Overview San Francisco Health Plan HIPAA Compliance is viewed as a part of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance program for all parties involved in electronic data interchange process in health care industry. Under the Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, Read More →