EDI Vendor Invoice

Ryder EDI Vendor Invoice Guidelines and Scheme The diagram depicts the different systems working together to automate Ryder EDI Vendor Invoice process. A step by step description is as follows: Supplier generates an EDI document and sends it to VAN. Supplier’s VAN forwards 810 to the Inovis: Access VAN. The Inovis:Access VAN forwards it to Ariba Network. Read More →

EDI Purchase Order

EDI Purchase Order Diagram (Ryder 850 Scheme) The EDI Purchase Order Diagram depicts the different systems working together to automate purchase order process. A step-by-step description is as follows: Ryder user creates order cXML OrderRequest is transmitted to Ariba SN Ariba SN stores a copy of the OrderRequest in the buyers Outbox and the suppliers Inbox Order Read More →

Ryder EDI Testing

Ryder EDI Testing Basics With the release of AN45, suppliers have the option of using Ariba’s EDI Tester tool accessed via a supplier’s test account on Ariba SN to assist in validating their inbound X12 transactions (855, 856 and 810) against Ariba’s EDI implementation guidelines. The EDI Tester affords a way for suppliers to test as they Read More →

Ryder EDI

Ryder (Ariba Inc.) EDI Guidelines As a service to suppliers preferring to transact via EDI, Ariba SN accepts the ANSI X12 004010 810 (Invoice) transaction set and translates it to a cXML InvoiceDetailRequest. Because the 810 implementation ultimately maps to an InvoiceDetailRequest, it must conform to its rules. On receiving the 810, Ariba SN validates the EDI content, Read More →

Nexteer EDI

Nexteer EDI Label Requirements When EDI is used in conjunction with the Shipping/Parts Identification Label, the data areas shall be coordinated. If you send an Advance Ship Notice (ASN 856 Transaction) to Nexteer Automotive, the bar code data on the label must be consistent with the transmitted ASN data. EDI Master Label A master label Read More →

EDI Transmits

EDI Transmits Tips (Lord & Taylor Vendor Transmissions) If vendor errors are identified during EDI Transmit, expense offset charges may be assessed. Vendors should note that if changing VANS from Lord & Taylor direct connect mailboxes at GXS and Inovis Inc., to any interconnect, all 852 Sales Data Reports will be turned off. Assign a Read More →

EDI guides

Defence Logistics Agency EDI Guides Each of the DLA EDI transactions (832, 850, 810) must be tested successfully before the contract can move to production. Vendors should be prepared to work with the DLA Troop Support POCs for each transaction and provide notification about the success and failure of each transmission. DLA Troop Support – Read More →

EDI Onboarding Process

  GSA Global Supply Vendors EDI Onboarding Process EDI Vendors must follow a standardized onboarding process to set up a connection to the EDI gateway. The EDI onboarding process starts immediately after a contract is awarded to the vendor. To initiate the onboarding process, GSS Global Supply will provide vendors with an EDI “survey” which is Read More →

EDI Barcodes

Creating EDI Barcodes: GS1 US Guidelines The quality of the barcode is critical for a successful scan. Your barcode could look great on the package and be formatted perfectly; but if it fails to scan, it may require manual keying of the GTIN® and could potentially lead to lost sales and market share from customers at checkout. Read More →


Identifying Locations Using a GLN The Global Location Number (GLN) is used to identify the locations of parties involved in business transactions. These can be functional groups within a company or real, physical “places” that might ship, receive, process, or hold inventories, like: Legal Entities: Whole companies, subsidiaries or divisions within a company, health system corporations, Read More →