BOSCH EDI ASN Requirements BOSCH EDI ASN is required for each shipment. The supplier will send an ASN to BOSCH using EDI at the same time as the products are picked up by the LSP. The information in the ASN must match that on the delivery note. For new connections, the transfer protocol Odette file transfer protocol Read More →

BOSCH Supplier Manual EDI

BOSCH Supplier Manual EDI Business Processes BOSCH Supplier Manual EDI requirements cover particular business processes that are to be carried out with Electronic Data Interchange. The following business processes, in particular – where they are used – are to be carried out with EDI support: Transmission of the call offs from BOSCH to the SUPPLIER. Transmission of Read More →


BENTELER Electronic Data Interchange Supplier Manual Guidelines BENTELER Electronic Data Interchange strategy is to promote the exchange of data electronically (EDI/ Web-EDI). Only with the support of modern communication techniques can daily business processes be simplified, standardized and a high degree of process reliability be achieved. The expectation over the coming years is that all suppliers will be Read More →

KEBA Supplier EDI Portal

KEBA Supplier EDI Portal Basic Guides KEBA Supplier EDI Portal is one of the most important aspects for success in business communication. It is very important that all KEBA suppliers comply with KEBA Supplier EDI Portal standards and guidelines. KEBA Supplier EDI Portal is web-based software for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which supports different processes with the Read More →

INALFA Data Electronic Data Interchange

INALFA Electronic Data Interchange (Exchange of Information and Data) INALFA Electronic Data Interchange is the required way of business communication. These requirements are in line with a long-term strategy to harmonize currently existing EDI connections and standards with all suppliers. In order to setup the EDI communication, the EDI application agreement must be filled in and returned. The supplier Read More →

RONA EDI Shipping

RONA EDI Shipping and Transportation Procedures RONA EDI Shipping procedures demand that the supplier shall take the necessary provisions to ensure that all POs are delivered according to the procedures. If the supplier chooses a transporter that has not been recommended by RONA, the supplier shall ensure that his transporter knows and complies with the RONA EDI Read More →

RONA Electronic Data Interchange

RONA Electronic Data Interchange Implementation Guides RONA Electronic Data Interchange must be implemented by all suppliers to deal with RONA (LOWE’S), unless otherwise authorized. The following are the documents covered by EDI transmissions: ANSI 850 Purchase Order, ANSI 810 Invoice, ANSI 810c Credit Notes. 3 months are allowed to complete the RONA Electronic Data Interchange process from the date Read More →

Hibbett EDI Enrollement

Hibbett EDI Enrollement Vendor Requirements Hibbett EDI Enrollement procedures demand all vendors to follow the listed steps. First, contact the Hibbett EDI department following the Buyer’s request to begin testing. Shipment deadlines must be communicated at this time. Schedule a conference call with the EDI Department to discuss testing and questions with EDI such as SDQ Read More →

Hibbett EDI

Hibbett EDI Compliance And Vendor Requirements Hibbett EDI is a part of program of a total commitment to industry-wide technologies that utilize Electronic Commerce, including Universal Product Code (UPC), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and internet technologies. Through the use of this technology, vendors and retail divisions will realize speed in processing, improved accuracy of data, Read More →

Autoneum EDI

Autoneum EDI Requirements For Exchange of Information and Data Autoneum EDI is required for all suppliers who are expected to use this form of communication (EDI). Those who are not currently taking advantage of Autoneum EDI communication will be strongly encouraged to do so. Suppliers should use it to receive and transmit information such as delivery schedules and Read More →