UPC (Universal Product Code)

UPC (Universal Product Code) – Product Information Identifier In A global Business Routing UPC (Universal Product Code) is a twelve-digit barcode printed on retail products packaging (grocery, books, magazines, cosmetics, household goods etc.) for identifying a particular merchandise item. UPC (Universal Product Code) is a type of unique code that consists of two sectors – Read More →

Code and conversion tables

Code and conversion tables (BaanERP EDI System) Basics Code and conversion tables contain the definitions of the different codes that may be present in generated or received EDI messages. Some of the code tables (for example, those found under the Codes and Conversions menu) are used with conversion tables to provide a cross-reference between values internal to the Baan Read More →

BaanERP Business Partner Data

BaanERP Business Partner Data By Network BaanERP business partner data is needed to communicate with company trading business partner over a specified network. Because you will communicate with your trading business partner over a specified network(s), you must define the network address of the trading business partner for the specified network(s). This address is the technical address that is used Read More →

Networks In EDI

Networks In EDI Operation (BaanERP Directory) Networks in EDI operation are used to specify the directory that Baan EDI uses to store and retrieve messages (ASCII files). Because data for multisite business partners does not need to be translated into actual EDI messages, internal EDI data must be separated from external EDI data. In most cases, you will need two Read More →