VDA 4913

VDA 4913 Message Structure And Components Recommendations (Daimler AG EDI Operation) VDA 4913 Message serves as a delivery note data using standard EDI and is used in order to improve the quality of data sent between trading partners. VDA 4913 Message Data records 711 Header record – Identifies the partners. Defines purpose of communication 712 Transport Read More →

EDI VDA 4913 Message

EDI VDA 4913 Message (Delivery Note And Transport Data EDI According to VDA 4913 Daimler AG) EDI VDA 4913 Message is one of the main messages and an absolute requirement to provide a high level of process quality and compliance. The main objectives of the EDI VDA 4913 Message are the following: Advance notification by EDI to the Read More →


VDA 4913 EDI Transaction: Delivery Note And Transport Data (Daimler AG) VDA 4913 EDI Transaction is the core message for material-accompanying information supported by Daimler AG since 1984. It is company assumption that all incoming goods shipments will be notified in advance with a delivery note EDI (VDA 4913 EDI Transaction). VDA 4913 EDI Transaction are Read More →

VDA 4905 EDI

VDA 4905 EDI (Daimler AG Trading Partner Recommendations) VDA 4905 EDI is to be provided for receiving call-offs in ODETTE format (Organisation for Data Exchange by Teletransmission in Europe -> European automotive associations grouping) in view of the increased emphasis on international supplier relationships and the increasing implementation of EDI messages. VDA 4905 EDI is used for Read More →