ANSI Standards

ANSI Standards For the USA Commercial Initiative ANSI Standards were developed by the American National Standards Institute and represent guidelines used by all industries in the US. ANSI Standards provide common procedures required to receive ANSI accreditation. ANSI Standards give the possibility to assure standards adoption, improve processes and minimize unnecessary work modification. Standards can Read More →

EDI Domestic Shipments

EDI Domestic Shipments Requirements (Zappos Routing Request) EDI Domestic Shipments Requirements: Zappos does not require packing lists for its domestic inbound shipments. However, if it is part of vendor standard routine to attach or include a packing slip with its Purchase Order, vendor is free to do so. Accurate total number of cartons per Purchase Order Accurate total number Read More →

Shipping Carton Label

Shipping Carton Label Placement For Zappos Vendor Shipments Shipping Carton Label should be placed on the exterior of each carton in an un-obscured and easily visible location, preferably on the side of the carton. Do not place Shipping Carton Label over a seam of the carton. To preserve the readability of carton labels, place them Read More →

Zappos EDI Master Shipping Carton

Zappos EDI Master Shipping Carton Information Zappos EDI Master Shipping Carton guidelines require that all individual products must be packed in a master shipping carton. Do not use staples to secure cartons. Remove any plastic or metal banding prior to shipping. Cartons need to be sealed tight to prevent damages. Zappos EDI Master Shipping Carton Packing: Maximize Read More →