EDI Syntax Validation

The steps and checks performed during EDI Syntax Validation Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) syntax validation refers to the process of verifying the structure and syntax of EDI documents to ensure they conform to the appropriate EDI standard. EDI standards, such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, or XML-based standards like ebXML, define the rules and formatting guidelines Read More →

EDI validation

Types of EDI Validation Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) validation refers to the process of verifying the integrity, accuracy, and compliance of electronic documents exchanged between trading partners using the EDI standard. EDI is a structured format for exchanging business documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices, between computer systems without human intervention. During the Read More →

HIPAA Webinars

HIPAA (Healthcare EDI) Webinars Training Schedule HIPAA training bundle covers online webinars offered by the EDI Academy for new and advanced EDI learners. We invite individual students and groups of interested staff. 👉 HIPAA Webinars schedule for June 2023 90 minutes each day Bundle saves you 15%! 20% discount for all sessions 20% discount for groups of two or Read More →