Nexteer Barcode

Nexteer Barcode Information And Symbology For the 6.0 inch wide by 4.0 inch high label and in accordance with the current Global Supplier Shipping Label Specs, the barcode symbology used SHALL be Code 39 and Code 128. Because the Nexteer Automotive part number could reach a maximum length of 14 characters and the physical space Read More →

Packing Label

Packing Label Guides (Nexteer Automotive) Additional label type may be required for Mixed loaded material. These are described below: Mixed Load label format can be used for identification of materials of differing part numbers loaded within the confines of the same container or pallet. These can be of the same or differing quantities. On smaller Read More →

Packaging Guides

Packaging Guides: outer packages and inner packages There are two types of packaging – outer packages and inner packages. Inner packaging will utilize container labels while outer packages will utilize master labels. An outer package is any container that contains multiple packages of single materials. Inner packages are the smallest shippable packaged units of a material. Read More →

EDI shipping

Nexteer Types of Labels and Packaging Nexteer Automotive requires three types of labels depending on how material is packaged for shipment as described below: The Container Label (Global Supplier Label) SHALL be used to identify a single pack containing the same part number. It is the most commonly used shipping/parts identification label. A Master Label Read More →

shipping label

Nexteer Shipping Label: Size and Material A label used to identify the contents of the container. Master Label is a label used to identify and summarize the total contents of a multiple pack of a single part number within the same container (i.e. pallet of boxes of same material number.) Mixed Load Label is a label used Read More →

EDI Documents

EDI Documents Status Updates (Ryder Via Ariba SN Network) Whenever an EDI invoice is rejected, the customer’s application will check to see if that invoice originated from the Network. If the invoice did originate from Ariba SN, Ariba Buyer sends a status update back to Ariba SN. Ryder will send the following standard status updates to suppliers: Processing (invoice status Read More →

EDI shipping details

Ryder EDI Shipping Notes And Special Handling Charges Ryder will not provide a ship to code at the header level on the EDI 850. Complete shipping and sold to addressing details will be on every purchase order. Ship-to and Ship-from address information is required on all invoices. Shipping address information is supported at the header level Read More →

Ryder EDI 810 Invoice

Ryder EDI 810 Invoice Specific Validation Rules Ryder EDI 810 Invoice is an Invoice against an existing purchase order or Invoice against order or contract not received via Ariba SN or Invoice against contract or master agreement (collaborative invoice). A contract number is required for Non-PO invoices against contract Ryder supported invoice types: Individual Detail Invoice – applies against Read More →

Ryder EDI 810

Ryder EDI 810 Additional Validation Rules The addressing on the EDI invoice for required roles is not required to syntactically match the address received on the PO. Allow case sensitive invoice matching has been enabled. Enforce strict address validation for required address fields has been enabled. Complete addressing must be provided for required address roles. Blanket PO Rules Read More →

EDI INvoice

EDI Invoice Specifics (Ariba Network Validation) Vendors sending EDI Invoice to Ryder via Ariba Network must comply with certain requirements. The Ariba SN will reject invoices under the following conditions: Invoice files that do not meet the defined EDI specification or are missing required EDI data elements Invoices greater then supported file size of 4MB. In addition to the Read More →