Xerox EDI Direct Testing

Xerox EDI Direct Testing Requirements And Guidelines Xerox EDI Direct testing is required in order to submit claims in the X12 standard format. A majority of payers have additional business requirements in addition to the X12 standard. The business requirements could be due to system limitations or utilized to properly adjudicate a claim. Therefore, Xerox EDI Direct testing Read More →

Transmission Responses

Transmission Responses: Interchange Level Errors, Transaction Set Level Syntax Results and 999-Implementation Acknowledgement Transmission Responses (acceptance/rejection reports) provide information about the validity of EDI transaction format syntax and implementation guide compliance. The type of report returned depends on the edit level that is invalid. A transaction contains four levels where edits are present. The edit level in which Read More →

Xerox EDI transmission

Xerox EDI transmission methods: Secure FTP/MOVEit DMZ Xerox EDI transmission methods for Trading Partners include the following: Xerox EDI Direct, FTPs or sFTP, MOVEit DMZ, WINASAP5010. Xerox EDI transmission is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This availability is subject to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance downtime. It is operational policy to schedule preventative maintenance periods on weekends Read More →

Xerox EDI Direct

Xerox EDI Direct: Healthcare Solutions Xerox EDI Direct, a leader in healthcare technology, provides EDI clearinghouse services to providers enrolled with various insurance companies and in contracted healthcare plans. We’ll outline the procedures necessary for engaging in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Xerox EDI system and supplies specific data clarifications where applicable. Xerox EDI Direct Read More →

EDI training schedule

EDI training schedule for the fall of 2018 EDI Training schedule – online and on-site classes are offered by the EDI Academy for new and advanced EDI learners. We invite individual students and groups of interested staff. EDI Academy is proud to announce the EDI Training class schedule for the fall of 2018. Please let us know if you are interested in registering Read More →

Optum EDI Eligibility

Optum EDI Eligibility Service: Eligibility and benefit verification, Referrals and authorizations, Transaction testing and validation, Remittances Optum EDI Eligibility Service helps to connect to an extensive group of payers to verify patient eligibility and benefit information. The solution integrates with payers to allow you to verify coverage for the patients, identify discrepancies in provider databases to eliminate inconsistencies and identify patient responsibilities to collect Read More →

Optum Intelligent EDI

Optum Intelligent EDI: The new benchmark for EDI performance Optum Intelligent enables organizations to benefit from higher levels of automation and efficiency by embedding additional functionality into the EDI data stream. With a single solution, providers and facilities can manage the complete lifecycle of their claims, eliminating multiple systems and inefficient processes used to accomplish these business functions in Read More →

Optum Intelligent EDI

Optum Intelligent EDI — no-cost claim submission to all payers Optum Intelligent EDI delivers the tools that help drive administrative simplification at minimal cost and realize the benefits originally intended by HIPAA — standard, low-cost claim transactions. Optum Intelligent EDI services include: Connections to over 4,000 payers Claims services – submission and remediation Remittances / ERAs Read More →

Ingenix Health Care EDI

Ingenix Health Care EDI Partner Integration Ingenix Health Care EDI solutions provide clients with effective and flexible solutions that health care providers are looking for—all from a single source. The Ingenix Vendor Partner Program provides: Simple x12 integration with client’s software, enabling customers to access to an industry-leading payer connectivity network n Integration with Ingenix’®, the premier online Read More →

HIPAA Dental COB Claim

 HIPAA Dental COB Claim Mapping Exercise Example HIPAA Dental COB Claim example and exercise represent how to generate HIPAA Dental COB Claim file for processing by the destination payer. HIPAA Dental COB Claim Scenario Patient PUFFY DOG is seen a dentist DONALD D, DUCK in the office INFINITE ENDODONTICS. The payer of the HIPAA Dental COB Claim is Read More →