Version 7030TM

Version 7030 Review Process Comments And Engagement Version 7030 refers to the next major release of electronic health care administrative transaction standards developed by the Insurance Subcommittee (N) of X12, a national accredited standards committee. Version includes those transactions adopted under HIPAA (as version 5010) as well as those that were not adopted by regulation. Currently the Version Read More →

TR3 Review

TR3 Review (X12N Version 7030) – Process FAQs TR3 Review (X12N Version 7030) FAQs and comments heighten industry awareness, provide a foundational understanding of the X12N Version 7030 process and encourage and support bodies and institutions in their participation. Why are the TR3s coming out at different times for review? A staggered approach allows for more focused reviews Read More →

Eligibility & Claim Status CAQH CORE Companion Guides

X12N Version 7030 – TR3 Public Review and Comment Process FAQs X12N Version 7030 FAQs are provided to assist parties involved in health care regarding the upcoming industry review of the X12N version 7030 transaction standards. The goal is to heighten industry awareness, provide a foundational understanding of the X12N Version 7030 process, and encourage and support Read More →

Medicare FFS Contractors

Medicare FFS Contractors (A/B MAC, DME MAC, CEDI) Medicare FFS Contractors A/B MACs, DME MACs, CEDI or other contractors if designated by CMS are responsible to support the exchange of CMS approved electronic transactions. This support includes testing, certifying, and retention of an audit trail for the electronic data interchange platforms. Medicare FFS Contractors if Read More →


ERA Enrollment Form Additional Guides (Medicare Enrollment) ERA Enrollment Form binding information does not expire if the person who signed that form for a provider is no longer employed by the provider, or that A/B MAC, or CEDI is no longer associated with the Medicare program. Medicare responsibility for ERA Enrollment Form oversight and administration Read More →

Electronic Remittance Advice

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Enrollment Process Notes Electronic Remittance Advice Enrollment process provides for collection of the information needed to successfully receive ERA transactions from Medicare and EDI trading partners. This agreement must be executed by each provider that receives ERA either directly to or from Medicare or through a third party. Each provider that Read More →

EDI Enrollment Form

EDI Enrollment Form Requirements For Medicare Partners EDI Enrollment Form on file with a particular A/B MAC or CEDI signed by providers may or may not be required to submit a new signed EDI Enrollment Form to the same A/B MAC or CEDI each time they change their method of electronic billing or begin to use Read More →