EDI Challenges

Challenges in implementing Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standardized method for exchanging business documents and information electronically between organizations. While EDI offers many benefits, such as increased efficiency and reduced errors, it also presents several challenges that organizations need to address. Let’s discuss some common EDI challenges. 🔺To learn how to overcome these challenges Read More →

EDI database

The Ultimate EDI database repository  EDI Academy is launching a new product: The Ultimate EDI Sample Databank. An EDI database repository that contains hundreds of claims and other EDI transactions with SNIP-LEVEL edits. It’s $150 per year per user, and you will get continuous updates. 🔺 EDI Sample Databank is accessible via the EDI Academy Read More →

EDI training

Become a Certified EDI Academy Professional – boost your productivity at EDI Academy webinars EDI Academy certification CEDIAP® is designed for professionals from various industries including Health Care, retail, supply chain, banking, insurance, logistics, etc. Whether you are new to EDI or have years of experience, EDI Academy has a webinar for everyone. To get CEDIAP® certificate, you must complete all Read More →


REGISTER TODAY! NEECOM Fall Conference October 26th, 2023 1:00 – 4:00 ET Hey B2B/EDI Professionals! It’s time to register for NEECOM’s Virtual Fall Conference. Registration is FREE for up to 100 Participants. NEECOM has two incredible speakers with a third TBD. 👉 Please register today at www.neecom.org! 🔺 Deploying Emerging Technologies Paula Giovannetti, Supply Chain Consultant, RVCF Emerging Read More →