Single Item Pallets

Single Item Pallets Hierarchy (H-E-B Advanced Shipping Notice) Single Item Pallets Hierarchy in EDI Advanced Shipping Notice with basic representation is provided with several examples. Tare Level (HL = T) represents the top level shipping unit consisting of Pallets, Cartons or other large Shipping Containers. Additional option provided at bottom of page. Pack Level (HL = Read More →

High-Level ASN

High-Level ASN Overview (H-E-B EDI Vendor Guidelines) The H-E-B ASN should represent one shipment, or the contents of a single trailer. This shipment can include one or more PO numbers. If multiple Purchase Orders are defined on a single ASN, the hierarchical structure would be as on the picture below. Pallets are used as the physical Read More →

H-E-B EDI Advanced Shipping Notice

H-E-B EDI Advanced Shipping Notice: Commonly Used Terms H-E-B EDI Advanced Shipping Notice contributes to the efficiency of the supply chain in several ways. First, it allows to obtain the receiving details for a purchase order electronically, reducing the likelihood of key-entry error by H-E-B receiving clerks. It also speeds the receiving process, and provides important information Read More →

HEB Vendor EDI

HEB Vendor EDI Basic Guidelines HEB Vendor EDI program requires all vendors and/or 3 rd party EDI providers to properly fill-out the EDI Information/Application Sheet provided by H-E-B. The details below enable the configuration of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions between Vendor (and/or their designee provider) and H-E-B. New Vendor Setup The first panel of the Read More →