Lane Bryant/Catherines EDI ASN

Lane Bryant/Catherines EDI ASN Requirements (Ascena Routing Guidelines) Lane Bryant/Catherines EDI ASN must be sent before pickup from vendor’s facility. If vendor has written approval from DC Operations Vendor Coordination team, ASN may be sent as late as one (1) business hour after pickup. An evening pick up (after 4:00PM) must be sent by 9:00 Read More →

edi education

Customer Order Processing and Fulfillment Customer Order Processing and Fulfillment are the key to maintaining a positive customer experience with Boscov’s. This blog outlines key order processing and fulfillment policies that will ensure a quality experience for the Boscov’s customer. 3rd Party Order Processing Interface OpenText Technology Requirements: Suppliers must be able to transmit/receive all order Read More →

Inventory Management

Inventory Management At Boscov’s: Availability And Reporting Boscov’s Inventory Management program is supported by SDF suppliers. Reported inventory availability determines product availability for customer purchase. Inventory Availability Inventory communicated to Boscov’s is expected to be 100% available for Boscov’s customers as the Boscov’s systems interpret the reported values as “available-to-promise” to Boscov’s customers. Suppliers will submit inventory Read More →

EDI Interconnects

EDI Interconnects – VAN service EDI Interconnects are very common and refer to different VAN service providers having the ability to connect and communicate to each other. Your company might use VAN A. One of your vendors might use VAN B. These VANs exchange data with each other using a mailbag with EDI batches used for exchanging Read More →