Implementing EDI: Web EDI Solutions When implementing EDI you have three general choices: Web EDI, EDI as a service and Integrated EDI. Today we speak about Web EDI solution. Web EDI is the most basic level of implementation and could be a good first choice for light users or people just getting started. It allows users to Read More →


What to consider when getting started with EDI (GS1 US) You’ll have the choice of a few general options to implementing EDI transactions, ranging from basic to sophisticated. Before you decide which option is best, consider these four factors recommended by GS1 US: EDI transaction volume System integration needs Business resources Services and support EDI Read More →

SANCRT Message

UN/EDIFACT SANCRT Message (SARS International Movement Of Goods Governmental Regulatory Message) EDI SANCRT Message is used to submit permits electronically to SARS as soon as they have been issued. An electronic permit received by SARS may have one of the following three statuses: Original (A new permit to be added to the SARS Permit Database). Cancellation (The Read More →


CONTRL EDI Message (UN/EDIFACT) Once CONTRL EDI Message (UN/EDIFACT) message is received the data is automatically translated to ensure the information received conforms to the UN/EDIFACT syntax rules. Once this is established, a CONTRL (Syntax and Service Report) message is sent to the sender of the UN/EDIFACT message, detailing the conformance, or non-conformance of the received Read More →