EDI Case Study

EDI Case Study: increasing accuracy and making labor reductions using EDI and GS1 standards EDI Case Study shows how keeping a vast logistics network on the same page takes seamless coordination and timely, accurate information. With GS1 standards and EDI implementation Land O’Lakes, Inc. reached higher efficiency in warehousing. Challenge A global agricultural co-operative, Land O’Lakes, Read More →

EDI solution

EDI For Business: Effective Solutions EDI enables the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents, such as purchase orders, advance ship notices, and invoices, between companies using a standard format, regardless of the kind of computer or software each company is using. EDI “bridges the gap” between companies and systems, and uses standardized business messages to enable Read More →

EDI integration

Integrating EDI into ERP system Integrated EDI involves integrating EDI into your ERP system. You’ll need a B2B Gateway software solution, which will manage the relationships with your trading partners and exchange the EDI standard files with your trading partners using an agreed-upon method of exchange. You’ll also need EDI Translation Tools, which translate EDI Read More →


EDI as a service solution There are two basic types of EDI as a service: Fax to EDI and Managed File Transfer. With Fax to EDI the service will translate actual paper documents into EDI messages and will send them to your trading partner. It can also receive EDI messages from your trading partner and Read More →