Do It Best EDI Transactions

Do It Best Corp. EDI Transactions Guides Do It Best requires EDI processing of Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, Credit Memos, and Advance Shipment Notices. Any one of these transactions processed manually will be subject to a charge. EDI Stocking Purchase Orders Electronic ordering improves Do It Best efficiency and increases the strength of the supply Read More →

Do It Best EDI

Do It Best EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Processing Conducting business in today’s economy is a continual challenge; reducing costs, increasing profits, staying competitive, and maximizing efficiencies are important business practices for Do it Best Corp. Electronic processing of business transactions is critical for both Do it Best Corp. and vendors submitting them. Supplier performance and support Read More →

Payment Disputes

Payment Disputes/Inquiries/Shortages Inquiries (Dollar General Vendors) Shortages Inquiries must be addressed timely. Inquiries will be addressed in the order they are received, regardless of how the documentation is delivered. Email is preferred however a maximum of 5 emails per day with one issue per email is allowed. The subject line of a dispute should include, Read More →

Dollar General Invoice

Dollar General Invoicing Procedures: Merchandise Shipped To Distribution Centers Core Purchases Dollar General requires vendors to comply with the invoicing guidelines set forth below to ensure timely and accurate payment. All core vendors and non-core vendors that receive purchase orders via the EDI 850 are required to transmit invoices via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) using Read More →