EDI Advanced Course

Supply Chain EDI 410 – Advanced Course: EDI for Finance, Inventory & Transportation EDI Academy offers advanced EDI courses for professionals from different industries.         EDI for Finance This workshop will show you how to implement EDI transactions such as the 820 RA/Payment and the 823 Lockbox. Finance EDI can help you Read More →

EDI for business

Cutting business costs with tech innovations Digital transformation is a key to a cost-saving strategy in retail. It is essential that process automation is agile and open to trading partners. Many brands implement EDI solutions in-house and run them on a legacy model. These are the reasons why it is not the best idea: In-house Read More →

EDI Transmission

EDI Transmission Details Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a process of exchanging electronic documents between businesses or organizations in a standardized format. EDI enables businesses to exchange documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping documents in a fast and efficient manner. When EDI is performed via the internet, it typically involves the use of Read More →

Gentex Standard Over-Pack Label

EDI Carton Label Requirements (Finish Line Vendor Shipments) EDI Carton Label Requirements cover solid order labels, inner pack label, pre-pack footwear label, pre-pack apparel label guides for Finish Line vendor shipments. Matching EDI Documents to create solid order labels The words “Style”, “Color Code”, “Size”, and “Quantity” are not required. Information may be left justified GS1-128 labels are required. If Read More →