EDI grocery

The difference between EDI invoicing in Retail and Grocery Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standardized system that allows businesses to exchange documents electronically in a standardized format. EDI invoices are commonly used across various industries, including retail and grocery. While the core purpose of EDI invoices remains the same, there are some industry-specific differences: Retail Read More →

X12 Allowance and Charge codes

X12 Allowance and Charge codes usage, EDI 810 example and explanation X12 Allowance and Charge codes are used in various EDI transactions to specify types of allowances or charges that apply to an order or invoice. These codes help standardize the communication of additional costs or discounts between trading partners. Here’s a brief description of Read More →

EDI logistics

Keeping Up Speed: Why EDI is Essential for Logistics in 2024 The modern logistics landscape is all about speed and efficiency. Customers expect fast deliveries and real-time tracking, while companies grapple with complex supply chains and ever-growing data demands. In this environment, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) emerges as a critical tool for logistics companies to Read More →

EDIFACT Training

EDI  (EDIFACT) Training for the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is the largest shipping line. Their global headquarters are in Switzerland, but they serve most of the world’s freight port of calls. They operate 471 container vessels and that requires a lot EDI Transactions, of which most are EDIFACT messages: UN/EDIFACT Message CUSCAR Read More →