EDI webinars for warehousing

GS1 Barcode Via Digital Link Initiative The GS1 system was originally designed in the early 1970s and has evolved to serve the needs of supply chains and is most relevant from manufacturer to checkout. In today’s connected world, where consumers and business partners’ expectations are informed by everyday experiences online, GS1 needs to make a Read More →

warehouse operations EDI

How to streamline your warehouse operations with EDI Integrating electronic data interchange (EDI) into a warehouse management system (WMS) can help to streamline supply chain processes and improve efficiency. Let’s look at the general steps for integrating EDI into a WMS. Identify the EDI requirements First, you need to identify the specific EDI requirements of your trading partners. Read More →

EDI capabilities

EDI capabilities for managing warehouse operations Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the exchange of business documents between trading partners in a standardized electronic format. In the context of warehouse management, EDI can be used to streamline communication and transactions between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Let’s talk about EDI in managing warehousing operation. Here are Read More →

Carton EDI Label

  Carton Content Label Requirements For Burlington Vendors Separate carton content labels are required when carton content information does not fit on the UCC-128 label. Carton content labels are to be placed to the left of the UCC-128 label on the same panel of the carton. Cartons that are pre-printed with accurate carton contents (style, Read More →