EDI Claim Rejection

United Healthcare Rejection Messages Guides A sending party must ensure correct claim procedure. Learn about Claim Rejection Messages and definitions below. Individual health care professional claims E001 – E001 Rejected Claim. Missing rendering provider name. Resubmit with FULL provider name loop 2310B. Confirm CORRECT REMITTANCE ADDRESS. Include taxonomy code as applicable. Refer to UHCprovider.com/edicontacts for additional information Read More →


Rejected HIPAA Claims Basic Guides (CGS Administrators, LLC) Rejected HIPAA Claims are claims that are in a rejected status and has failed one of the set validations. Find below some ANSI Claim Rejections. More ANSI Claim Rejections examples can be found in the previous posts. X222.262. 2310B. NM109.030 This Claim is rejected for Invalid Information for a Rendering Provider’s National Read More →