EDI Vendors Onboarding

GSA Global Supply Vendors EDI Onboarding Process GSA Vendors EDI Onboarding Process is released via an EDI Gateway for Purchase Order (PO) creation and management services. Vendors must follow a standardized onboarding process to set up a connection to the EDI gateway. The EDI onboarding process starts immediately after a contract is awarded to the vendor. To Read More →

EDI Files Translator

EDI Viewer – Free EDI Files Translator Convert X12 files to a human-readable format online – quick and easy. No special software needed – EDI Viewer works online. Free & Web Based (No Software Install Needed) X12 to human-readable format EDI X12 Raw Data Segments side-by-side with a translated view EDI X12 Loop Structure Access to your files anytime Read More →

GSA EDI Business

GSA EDI Business Transactions Processing GSA Global Supply’s industry direct delivery program meets customer demands by using mature industry delivery systems to lower the total operating costs of the federal supply chain. Any contractor interested in conducting business with GSA Global Supply must understand and adhere to the business rules and requirements as they relate Read More →

EDIFACT Training

EDIFACT And TRADACOMS Training (EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices) Session One: Introduction to EDI defines EDI-its origin, history, and common terminology. It also describes how EDI has evolved over the years to become a globally recognized standard for doing business electronically. You learn the roles of different organizations that define and govern the EDI industry, including Read More →

EDI All Industries

EDI All Industries Webinar Course: Details And Pricing Designed for Retail, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Finance Transactions (e.g. 850,810,856,210,820 etc). Live webinars. Opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for dozens of companies and trading partners. Become a Certified EDI Professional by the EDI Academy (complete all six webinars). Get a 100+ page course manual Read More →

EDI Webinars

EDI Webinars Bundle – Early Bird registration available Online EDI Training Bundle – EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices for All Industries and HIPAA Bundle (Health Care EDI) Fundamentals & Best Practices. Advanced sessions are included in both bundles. Some courses have pre-requisites. Online instructor-led webinars Real-world examples and cases Opportunity to consult with an expert Read More →

Free EDI Viewer

Designed for easy and quick EDI files translation EDI Viewer is a free online instrument that easily converts X12 files to a human-readable format. No special software needed – convert EDI files online. Free & Web Based (No Software Install Needed) X12 to human-readable format EDI X12 Raw Data Segments side-by-side with a translated view Read More →

Rite Aid Supplier

Rite Aid Supplier Compliance Program Guide The Rite Aid Supplier Compliance Guide covers and addresses all aspects of supplier compliance and performance requirements. The Guide is accessible for current suppliers through the Rite Aid Portal. You are required to be a registered supplier with a valid ID and password in order to access the Guide. As a Read More →

Rite Aid EDI Functional Acknowledgement

Rite Aid EDI Functional Acknowledgement Policy Upon receipt of any EDI transaction, the receiving partner shall promptly and properly transmit a Functional Acknowledgement (ANSI ASC X12 997). Rite Aid expects trading partners pick up from their electronic mailboxes daily (7 days a week). Rite Aid expects to receive a Functional Acknowledgement (ASCI ASC X12) within Read More →

EDI Problems

EDI Problems Resolution During Testing Stage Satisfactory resolution of problems is a combined effort between the problem reporter and the resolve. Communication of the status, updates and resolution of the problem is key to successful problem management. While your company is in testing status with Rite Aid, you may call the Rite Aid EDI Department Read More →