EDI Invoicing

EDI Invoicing: Basic Description and Terms EDI Invoicing is one of the basic electronic operations in everyday business communication. EDI Invoicing is simply the process by which the vendor gets paid for the goods delivered using EDI facilities. Typically, the information sent in an Invoice is similar to the information passed in a Purchase Order. The Read More →

EDI Merchandise

EDI Merchandise Receiving And Transferring from the Warehouse to the Retailer EDI Merchandise operation description explains the common process of the public or private warehousing cycle. There are two major functions in the modern warehousing process: receiving merchandise from the manufacturer to the warehouse and transferring merchandise from the warehouse to the retailer. EDI Merchandise Receiving A public warehouse receives Read More →

Kroger EDI

Kroger EDI FAQs and guidelines for electronic data interchange relationship Kroger EDI initiative is aimed to improve business relationship and continue to remove unnecessary costs from the supply chain. Kroger EDI team appreciates vendor prompt attention to this initiative. The FAQs given below will help all vendors to get more knowledge about Kroger EDI program rules (continued). Read More →