EDI 856 Example

EDI 856 Example: Multiple Orders, Standard Carton Pack Structure The following example depicts two supplier orders which are being shipped to the buyer’s distribution center. The supplier has split the original PO into individual store orders; each order is packaged for a different store. Therefore, both orders reference the same PO number. The various SKUs and their pack Read More →

EDI Advanced Ship Notice

EDI Advanced Ship Notice Example (Version 004010): Single Order, Pick and Pack Structure The following example depicts a single supplier order which contains 3 different cartons. The first carton contains 2 different items (U.P.C.s). The first U.P.C. is packed into 3 inner packs each containing 9 items, for a total of 27 units. The second U.P.C. is packed Read More →


EDI 856 Example: Single Order, Standard Carton Pack The following example depicts a single supplier order which contains three different SKUs, each represented by a unique U.P.C. The total quantity of the first U.P.C. is 72, packed 12 to a case, in 6 cases. The total quantity of the second U.P.C. is 70, packed 10 to a case, Read More →

EDI Ship Notice

EDI Ship Notice/Manifest Single And Multi-Order Processing In creating the Ship Notice/Manifest, the sender has some choices to make. A ship notice may represent a single supplier order or many orders. A single ship notice may also represent a part of the physical shipment or the entire physical shipment or Bill of Lading. Both single order and multi-order ship notices are acceptable Read More →