Carton EDI Label

  Carton Content Label Requirements For Burlington Vendors Separate carton content labels are required when carton content information does not fit on the UCC-128 label. Carton content labels are to be placed to the left of the UCC-128 label on the same panel of the carton. Cartons that are pre-printed with accurate carton contents (style, Read More →

UCC-128 Carton Label

Burlington UCC-128 Carton Label Requirements UCC-128 labels must be visible, readable, and scannable. The UCC-128 label must be located in the lower right-hand corner of the longest side of the carton. Labels should be placed on the side parallel to the flap seam on cartons when the length and width are identical. If utilizing carton markings Read More →


Purchase Order Types (Burlington Stores) It is expected that the goods arrive packed as ordered. Burlington currently supports the following types of purchase orders: Pack by Style/Bulk Pre-Packs Ship-to Mark-for Direct to Store GOH Pack by Style/Bulk Orders Orders generated that are coded “pack by style” and are to be delivered to Burlington Stores’ distribution center Read More →

Burlington EDI

Burlington EDI General Carton Packing and Size Requirements Vendors, working with merchandise, should make sure each carton contains merchandise for only one purchase order (9 digit PO). Coordinated tops and bottoms being sold separately must be packed in separate cartons. The tops and bottoms will be identified on the PO. Tops and bottoms being sold Read More →