Barcoding Bulk Items

Barcoding Bulk Items: Do it Best Corp. Requirements It is the Do it Best Corp. policy that every retail unit should have a barcode number assigned in the GTIN field of Do it Best Corp. Product Code file. Also, vendors should apply barcodes on: Individual retail units Shipping containers Use of UPC/EAN vs. SCC-14 (ITF-14) In Read More →

GTIN Accuracy

Do it Best Corp. GTIN Accuracy Strategy Do it Best Corp. recommends that members adhere to guidelines to ensure GTIN accuracy within their stores. Problems with GTIN quality or accuracy should be reported to the Product Code Specialist. The following procedure will be followed in dealing with GTIN problems reported by members: The member should Read More →

EDI GTIN Barcode

Do it Best Corp. Barcoding Standards: GTIN UCC-12 /UCC-13 /UCC-8 Do it Best Corp. supports four different barcode symbologies. The point-of-sale symbologies are the UCC-12 (UPC Version A or E) and the EAN (International Article Numbering), EAN/UCC-8 and EAN/UCC-13. GTIN UCC-12 (UPC-E) UPC-E is a variation of UPC-A which allows for a more compact barcode by eliminating Read More →

EDI courses

How Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Training Empowers Personnel to Navigate Documents and Transactions EDI streamlines processes, reduces errors, and fosters stronger relationships with trading partners. However, harnessing the full potential of EDI requires more than just implementing the technology – it necessitates equipping personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge through comprehensive training. Let’s delve Read More →