Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN

Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN (Advance Shipment Notification) Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN must be a part of all shipments to Simon and Schuster, with scan able bar code labels on every carton. Transmittable and usable Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN must be sent immediately on or before the release of the shipment to Read More →

Shipping Documents

Shipping Documents (Simon and Schuster Vendor deliveries) Shipping Documents detailing all information must accompany each shipment and should be indicated in a prominent manner to the Simon and Schuster Receiving Department. The necessary details are as follows for each title shipped: ISBN 13 Price Title Description Total carton count Number of books per carton Total quantity Read More →

EDI Shipping Label

EDI Shipping Label (Simon and Schuster LPN Requirements) EDI Shipping Label (standard UCC-128 label format on 4” x 6” or 4” x 7”) should be used that is linked to the ASN transmission.  If you are not capable of generating this format, please use the following guidelines for generating a pallet barcode label. Simon and Schuster Read More →