Nordstrom EDI updates

Nordstrom EDI Updates Beginning August 24, 2017 Nordstrom EDI updates given in today’s blog refer to all EDI vendors that have business relationship with Nordstrom using EDI. Nordstrom EDI updates state that all Pack and Hold (PM) and Reserve Stock (RS) orders will always contain the ship-to location in the N1*ST segment in the PO1 loop.   Read More →

EDI Audit Vendor Program

EDI Audit Vendor Program (Hibbett Sporting Goods) EDI Audit Vendor Program randomly checks shipments received at the Hibbett Distribution Center. Hibbett uses technology to move merchandise faster through the pipeline, receives merchandise using the ASN (856) and pays vendors with EDI invoices (810). Therefore, due to EDI Audit Vendor Program vendors must make every effort to ensure that shipments Read More →

Ticketing Requirements

Ticketing Requirements For Hibbett EDI Vendors Ticketing Requirements: All merchandise shipped to Hibbett must include the UPC and Hibbett retail provided by EDI PO (850) transmission. The barcode must be visible and easily accessible for scanning. Do not place UPC tickets inside waistbands, packaging etc. Use only the UPC. Each item must contain only one bar code; Read More →

Hibbett EDI Merchandise

Hibbett EDI Merchandise Technology Guidelines And Common Requirements Hibbett EDI Merchandise guides described cover UPC assignment and catalog requirements. Assign UPC numbers at the product ID / color / size level for all Hibbett product. Once UPCs have been assigned, no modifications will be accepted. Any item modifications will result in the need for a Read More →

Carton Label

Carton Label Requirements (Hibbett EDI Compliant Vendors) Carton Label Requirements described below refer to Hibbett EDI compliant business partners. Carton Label Requirements cover GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) label specifications. The 20-digit carton ID printed on the GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) label must be included in the MAN segment of the ASN (856), Each carton must have a unique carton ID number. An Read More →

EDI Invoice Hibbett

EDI Invoice Hibbett Regulations And Requirements For Vendors EDI Invoice Hibbett guides refer to vendors that have EDI business relationships with Hibbett. Hibbett’s intent to utilize EDI technology aimed to eliminate redundant data entry as well as paper documents by effectively utilizing EDI invoices (810). It is required that a unique EDI Invoice Hibbett be transmitted for Read More →

EDI For Supply Chain Management

EDI For Supply Chain Management As A Global Operations Strategy EDI For Supply Chain Management is the modern global operations strategy for achieving organizational competitiveness and business effectiveness. Companies are applying EDI For Supply Chain Management to improve their flexibility and in turn competitiveness by changing their operations strategy, methods and technologies. Nowadays, businesses are in Read More →

Special EDI shipping guidelines

Special EDI Shipping Guidelines And Routing Instructions Special EDI shipping guidelines for Century 21 vendors provided in the blog cover the following issues: Shipments from California, Delivery to wrong locations, Delivery refusals, Small carrier shipments, General shipping notes. Special EDI shipping guidelines – Shipments from California Non-prepaid shipments from CA ZIP codes 90001 – 94999 should be Read More →

EDI Shipping Guidelines

EDI Shipping Guidelines And Routing Instructions EDI shipping guidelines for Century 21 vendors provided in the blog cover the following issues: Shipping and Routing, Bill of Landing, Direct To Store Shipments, Delivery Appointments. The Bill of Lading must contain the following information: All purchase orders for the shipment Total carton count for shipment Total carton count Read More →

Century 21 EDI Carton Labeling

Century 21 EDI Carton Labeling (Identification) Requirements Century 21 EDI carton labeling guidelines dscribed below in the blog are provided for EDI compliant vendors. For information about ticketing and packing requirements for Century 21 merchandise please refer here. Every carton must have a purchase order on the carton. Each carton must be labeled with a 4” x Read More →