EDI Fundamentals Training And Certification EDI Fundamentals Training for individual students and for groups of three or more with further certification is provided by the EDI Academy. EDI Fundamentals Training Dates 2019 January 29-30, 2019 May 14-15, 2019 September 17-18, 2019 December 3-4, 2019 Classes typically run from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM Registration Fee: Early Read More →

  Rite Aid Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Committment Rite Aid Electronic Data Interchange and Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships covers vendor participation in this corporate strategy of utmost importance in developing an electronic partnership for its various business and financial cycles. Rite Aid supports industry standards and conventions as developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Accredited Standards Read More →

EDI Test Purchase Orders (Using Test and Production Modes) – MedclickProclick Vendor Setup EDI Test Purchase Orders can be created and sent once you have EDI configured for your organization. Creating EDI Test Purchase Orders follows the same process as creating any other purchase order, with some additional recommendations about the purchase order number. On Figure below, Read More →

EDI Vendor Purchase Order Setup Steps (Medclick Proclick) EDI Vendor Purchase Order Setup steps in setting up a vendor for EDI processing are as following: Contact your vendor to obtain account numbers. You will use these numbers to set up EDI in the system. Make sure the vendor record exists in your site’s system database, Read More →

EDI Purchase Orders (Setup By Medclick Proclick) EDI Purchase Orders can be created, authorized and sent using the procedure steps explained in the blog below. The Purchase Orders list (see Figure above) provides information about all of your purchase orders: To display the Purchase Orders list, from the Materials Management main Contents, select Purchasing > Purchase Orders (by PO) or Purchase Orders (by Create Date). Read More →

MediClick Proclick EDI Overview And Security Issues MediClick Proclick EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) feature lets hospitals exchange EDI transactions with vendors. Vendor information and medical center (“customer”) information must be set up for EDI processing. MediClick Proclick EDI system maintains an administrative database of vendors who currently have EDI enabled for various document types (e.g., EDI Read More →

EDI All Industries and HIPAA trainings schedule Winter-Spring 2019 EDI All Industries and HIPAA on-site seminars and online webinars schedule is ready to release. Prepare your EDI trainings list for the coming year. Registration for winter-spring 2019 classes https://ediacademy.com EDI All Industries – EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices – San Diego Workshops 2019 January 29-30, May 16-17, September 17-18, Read More →

  Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Program Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Program is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. The commitment to EDI covers all aspects of our relationship with Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange vendor partners, including: Electronic transmission of purchase orders. Receipt of Advance Ship Notices, which streamline order processing and expediting. Read More →

EDI Training Online Information, Basis And Events Schedule For Winter and Spring 2019 EDI Training gives a possibility to get certified by completing the mentioned classes. The cost is $250 per session per person for each individual webinar (a la carte). Pay $200 per webinar if you sign up for all 6 webinars at once. Email us info@ediacademy.com to Read More →

EDI Onboarding Process With GSA Global Supply EDI Onboarding process standardized steps must be followed by vendors to set up a connection to the EDI gateway. The EDI onboarding process starts immediately after a contract is awarded to the vendor. To initiate the onboarding process, GSS Global Supply will provide vendors with an EDI “survey” which is used Read More →