EDI logistics training

Gentex ASN Over-Pack Label Requirements Gentex ASN Over-Pack Label requirements must be followed by all suppliers on ASN with Gentex. ASN Over-pack containers must have labels with the following information in the order listed below: ASN Number (same as supplier packing slip number) with barcode including the embedded data identifier “2S”. Please note that the ASN Read More →

Gentex Labelling

Gentex Labelling: Hazardous Chemical Over-Pack Label Requirements Gentex labelling standards require that if the material you provide to Gentex is classified as Hazardous Chemical vendor must follow the labeling specifications. Each over-pack container must contain a single Gentex part number, Purchase Order number, Purchase Order line number, and Gentex engineering revision level. No mixed Gentex part Read More →

Gentex Standard Over-Pack Label

Requirements For Suppliers Gentex Standard Over-Pack Label must be used to comply with the Standard Over-Pack Label specifications listed below unless you provide Hazardous Chemicals or have been contacted by Gentex to provide an ASN specific label. Over-pack containers must have labels with the following information in the order listed below: Gentex Purchase Order Number with barcode Read More →

EDI Live Webinars

EDI Live Webinars – All Industries And Health Care (HIPAA) EDI live webinars offer the opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for dozens of companies and trading partners. You can choose between All-Industries or Health Care EDI. Every attendee will become a Certified EDI Professional by the EDI Academy if they complete all six Read More →

Gentex EDI Labeling

Gentex EDI Labeling Requirements For Vendors Gentex EDI Labeling requires all suppliers to utilize one of the following: Standard Over-Pack Label, Hazardous Chemical OverPack Label, or ASN Over-Pack Label. All suppliers are also required to utilize either the “Standard” or the “Hazardous Chemical” Individual Package labels for any smaller boxes/bags/reels/containers within the over-pack container. All Read More →

Gentex Packaging

Gentex Packaging And Shipping Documentation Requirements Gentex Packaging And Shipping Documentation guidelines require all suppliers to be responsible for designing packaging that will protect the product during shipment and maintain the integrity of the product during storage. Other specific requirements may be determined based on the commodity purchased and the geographical location of the purchase. The Gentex Buyer Read More →

856 Advanced Ship Notice

856 Advanced Ship Notice (Oshkosh Suppliers) The 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) process area represents clear communication from suppliers to Oshkosh Corporation regarding inbound freight. The 856 Advanced Ship Notice will allow Oshkosh Corporation facilities to better plan and manage their inbound activities. The 856 Advanced Ship Notice is a one-way transaction from the supplier Read More →

830 EDI Forecast

830 EDI Forecast Transaction 830 EDI Forecast transaction communicates the generic blanket order purchase number and both firm and planned demand. Oshkosh Corporation communicates 52-weeks of planning data (both firm and planned orders) to suppliers on a weekly basis. The supplier will receive their 830 EDI Forecast Transaction on Mondays shortly after noon. The 830 Forecast Read More →

Oshkosh EDI Supplier

Oshkosh EDI Supplier – Enterprise EDI Communication Becoming an Oshkosh EDI Supplier is an exciting and rewarding adventure. Typical suppliers on Enterprise EDI are mid-large size companies with large transactional volume. If interested in becoming an Enterprise EDI supplier and your company has not yet been assigned an on-boarding deadline by one of Ohskosh Corporation’s Business Read More →

Oshkosh EDI Vendor

Oshkosh EDI Vendor Guidelines Oshkosh EDI Vendor communication is done electronically – whether through the supplier OSN Portal or via EDI (electronic data interchange). Guidelines below are for the functional supplier community currently integrating an EDI trading partnerip with Oshkosh Corporation or currently transacting business via EDI with Oshkosh Corporation. EDI is the computer to computer exchange of Read More →