832 Price/Sales Catalog Mapping Guidelines (Town Shoes EDI Program) 832 Price/Sales Catalog users (EDI Trading Partners) may experience difficulties in generating and transmitting an EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog file. If this is the case with you, please utilize Town Shoes web-based NPLS application to upload your catalogue. The following LIN segment fields are mandatory but please see Read More →

832 Price/Sales Catalog Mapping

832 Price/Sales Catalog Mapping Notes (Town Shoes EDI Program) 832 Price/Sales Catalog Mapping user notes will help all Town Shoes EDI vendors to create EDI maps according to the set requirements (X12/V4010/832). EDI General Information: VAN: HP MFT AS2: Available FTP: Preferred Portal: ISA Qualifier: ZZ ISA ID: TOWNSHOESLTD GS ID: TOWNSHOESLTD ISA Test / Read More →

EDI Web Vendors

EDI Web Vendors Requirements EDI Web Vendors Requirements are given in today’s blog for Town Shoes web partners. As a web vendor, your account is active the day of the on-boarding process. However, Town Shoes is not able to issue a live purchase order until the NPLS Catalog has been submitted and matched by them. On the  Town Shoes Read More →