EDI Standards Used by HUD EDI standards are agreements between users of EDI on how data is to be formatted and communicated. Standards are key to both the effectiveness and integrity of EDI. These standards are embodied in the electronic format of business documents known as transaction sets. The standards used by HUD are the Read More →

HUD Electronic Data Interchange

HUD Electronic Data Interchange General Procedures HUD Electronic Data Interchange is the inter-organizational exchange of business documents in a pre-defined structured format, accomplished by the computer-to-computer exchange of standard formatted business transactions between one or more business partners, known as trading partners. EDI permits trading partners to generate, receive, and process data with little or no human Read More →

Area Transaction Set

Area Transaction Set (Electronic Data Interchange) Definition Area Transaction Set in Electronic Data Interchange means a predefined area within a transaction set (header, detail or summary) that contains segments and their attributes. As we know, a transaction can be divided into four information sections – envelope, header, detail, and summary. For EDI document transmission special segments Read More →