EDI Web Vendors

EDI Web Vendors Requirements EDI Web Vendors Requirements are given in today’s blog for Town Shoes web partners. As a web vendor, your account is active the day of the on-boarding process. However, Town Shoes is not able to issue a live purchase order until the NPLS Catalog has been submitted and matched by them. On the  Town Shoes Read More →

Town Shoes EDI Connections

Town Shoes EDI Connections Requirements Town Shoes EDI Connections  require that Town Shoes obtains the correct EDI ID (Alias) information from vendor. Town Shoes will match the account being used by Town Shoes with your Alias so that document flow can be successful. Please update the Connection Details section on the Spice Portal Dashboard as needed. Read More →

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI Order

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI Order Fulfillment Details Saks Fifth Avenue EDI Order Fulfillment guidelines refer to quality standards, shippment notifications , delayed shipments, cancelled orders etc. Product must be packaged sufficiently to prevent damage during shipping. All products must have a unique UPC which is either on a hang tag, shoe box or packaged box. Items Read More →

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI PO

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI PO Additional Information and Special Procedures Saks Fifth Avenue EDI PO additional information concerns “Received-Not-Ordered” shipments, Partial shipments and back orders and EDI System-to-System. Saks Fifth Avenue EDI PO specifies style, color, size of each unit for each store. All vendors are expected to ship according to the issued and approved purchase Read More →