EDI 820 transaction

Understanding the EDI 820 Specification and Examples The EDI 820 transaction set holds significant importance, particularly in the realm of financial transactions and payments. This standardized format, defined by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12, facilitates the electronic exchange of payment orders and remittance advice between businesses and financial institutions. In this blog post, we’ll Read More →

EDI Qualifier Codes

Simplifying Electronic Data Interchange Mapping with Qualifier Codes EDI Qualifier codes serve as key identifiers, facilitating the mapping and translation of data between different systems and formats. In this blog post, we’ll explore some mapping examples and learn qualifier codes’ practical applications. Understanding EDI Qualifier Codes At its core, Electronic Data Interchange enables the exchange of structured data Read More →

EDI certification

Mastering Electronic Data Interchange: March Training Session Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has emerged as a vital tool for facilitating seamless communication and transactions between businesses. As the demand for EDI expertise continues to grow, staying updated with the latest practices and techniques is essential for professionals across various industries. EDI Academy training program is designed for both new Read More →

EDI courses

What is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) format? ANSI (American National Standards Institute) format refers to a set of standards developed by ANSI for various industries to ensure compatibility, interoperability, and uniformity in data exchange and communication. ANSI standards cover a wide range of fields including technology, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. In the context of Read More →