Wakefern EDI

Wakefern EDI Purchase Orders and Invoices Processing After both supplier and Wakefern have completed system set up of EDI, the Wakefern EDI Coordinator will generate a test purchase order. The test is used to validate communications and translation. Unless directed otherwise by the supplier, Wakefern will send all purchase orders directly to the vendor. It Read More →

Trading Partner EDI

Trading Partner EDI Guides (Wakefern) As an organization, Wakefern has made the elimination of costs in the supply chain an important objective. EDI is the exchange of standardized business documents between trading partners and accomplishes this task in an efficient and accurate manner, while offering significant savings in the process. Wakefern actively pursues the use Read More →

EDI Adoption

Facing EDI Adoption Implementing EDI and using it effectively may be the lack of in-house IT resources, especially in small companies. Some businesses have no staff, no experience and no facilities to support EDI integration. There are third-party providers who offer EDI services to make it easier for businesses. They offer various solutions upon your needs and bridge Read More →

856 ASN Structure

856 ASN Structure: Pick and Pack and Standard Carton Pack Mapping Notes For Pick and Pack shipments, each packaging loop will report the serial number for one shipping container. The SKU contents of the shipping container are reported in one or more item loops which follow a packaging loop. Example 1 is a carton with a UCC/EAN-128 carton ID (SSCC-18). Example Read More →