EDI retail

Retail Value Chain Federation September Online Conference Recently, an RVCF EDI Open Forum took place. It was an exciting industry event with networking and discussing essential points in the EDI field. The topics covered included: Workflow and mapping best practices for EDI transactions (e.g. 856 ASN). Updates on the Business Process Guidelines Work Group (PBGWG) Read More →

HL Segment EDI 856

  Mapping Guidelines For the HL Segment EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice The HL segment marks the beginning of a detail loop. A clear understanding of how the HL segment works is a critical factor in the successful generation and receipt of the Ship Notice/Manifest transaction. There are three data elements in the HL segment which are defined Read More →

EDI messages

Generic Rules To Be Followed for BDFR (Brico Depot France) EDI messages Find below the basic guidelines for the usage of BDFR EDI Messages: Order, DESADV. ORDERS NAD+BY will have the Head office GLN [3016016500103 for Brico Depot France] in all the PO types except for Cross Docking orders. For Cross Docking orders, NAD+BY = GLN of Store Read More →

ASN Structure

No Packaging Level In ASN Structure In some implementations, it may be appropriate to omit the packaging levels from the transaction. Depending on the retailer’s receiving environment, carton identification may not be required. Here, only three levels are present in the transaction. The transaction hierarchy is: Shipment Order, and Item. One or more U.P.C.s No Read More →