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CONTRL (Syntax and service report message) (SARS EDI Transactions) Once a UN/EDIFACT message is received, the data is automatically translated to ensure the information received conforms to the UN/EDIFACT syntax rules. Once this is established, a CONTRL (Syntax and Service Report) message is sent to the sender of the UN/EDIFACT message, detailing the conformance, or Read More →

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Sign up for a bundle and get 20% discount Since 2007 EDI Academy provides education and certification to EDI stakeholders and elevates the adoption of Electronic Data Interchange by providing training, certification, networking and job opportunities. You can sign up for training at any stage of your EDI career – whether you are new to EDI or Read More →

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EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices training for all industries EDI Academy provides EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices training for all industries including supply chain, retail, manufacturing, finance, and many more. All the webinars are live, instructor-led, and are conducted on a monthly basis. These webinars cover both an overview of EDI, an in-depth understanding of Read More →

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EDI Training Bundle: Early-bird booking opened Join EDI Academy instructor-led live webinars. Training is designed for both novice and experienced specialists – we start from basic knowledge and move further to advanced sessions and best practices. You can choose between Supply chain Bundle or HIPAA Bundle depending on your industry. Supply Chain EDI 101 – Read More →