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Join EDI Academy at July Training Bundles. Early-bird Pricing Available! JULY 12-28, 2021, All Industries Webinar Bundle JULY 12-28, 2021, HIPAA Webinar Bundle Pricing and schedule https://ediacademy.com/courseschedule We offer instructor-led webinars for various industries and healthcare professionals. Learn basics of EDI or get a deep dive in mapping cases. Become a certified EDI professional.

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International Drop Shipment Purchase Order Any international drop ship purchase order from a Do it Best Corp. member or affiliate requires vendor to complete the following steps: Contact Do it Best Corp. for credit authorization at 260/748-5375. A packing list (copy) and an invoice (copy) must accompany drop shipments sent to the freight forwarder to prevent Read More →


Retail Service Center Orders Do it Best Corp. requires that all purchase orders be processed via EDI. All Retail Service Center orders will indicate a specific “Ship Date” and “Arrival Date”. The Ship Date is used for Collect orders and it specifies the date when the order should ship to the RSC. For backhauls and Read More →

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EDI via SFTP and FTPS: usage and challenges EDI via SFTP and FTPS belong to the most commonly used communication protocols for electronic data interchange. EDI via SFTP and FTPS allow connecting business partners directly as well as via service providers. Some time ago, FTP was considered to be the most reliable transport mean with Read More →