Payer Initiated Eligibility/Benefit

EDI Payer Initiated Eligibility/Benefit Transaction (Washington State Medicaid) Additional Guides EDI Payer Initiated Eligibility/Benefit Transaction transmission must be secure in accordance with 45 CFR Parts 160, 162, and 164 Health Insurance Reform: Security Standards. Control segments/envelopes EDI Payer Initiated Eligibility/Benefit Transaction conforms to ASC X12 Control Segments / Envelopes (ISA-IEA, GS-GE, and ST-SE) for Version Read More →

PIE Transaction

PIE Transaction (Payer Initiated Eligibility/Benefit) Washington State Medicaid Testing Requirements PIE Transaction should be submitted by the trading partner through the Washington State Medicaid ProviderOne Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The trading partner downloads acknowledgements for the test file from the ProviderOne SFTP HIPAA ACK folder. If the ProviderOne system generates a positive TA1 and Read More →


PIE (PAYER INITIATED ELIGIBILITY/BENEFIT): Requirements of┬áThe Deficit Reduction Act Scope (Washington State Medicaid) PIE (Payer Initiated Eligibility/Benefit) transaction was developed to deliver membership and benefit information in one single, unsolicited transaction. The PIE (Payer Initiated Eligibility/Benefit) Transaction uses the same identifiers as the ASC X12 271 response transaction and therefore mirrors the format of the Read More →

276/277 HIPAA transaction

276/277 HIPAA Transaction Notes (Washington State Health Care Authority) 276/277 HIPAA transaction guides state that when the trading partner submits the 276 request by any one of the specified methods the 276 request will be validated using EDI validator (up to levels HIPAA validation level 1 & 2), translated and will be processed. The positive Read More →