RONA EDI Shipping

RONA EDI Shipping and Transportation Procedures RONA EDI Shipping procedures demand that the supplier shall take the necessary provisions to ensure that all POs are delivered according to the procedures. If the supplier chooses a transporter that has not been recommended by RONA, the supplier shall ensure that his transporter knows and complies with the RONA EDI Read More →

RONA Electronic Data Interchange

RONA Electronic Data Interchange Implementation Guides RONA Electronic Data Interchange must be implemented by all suppliers to deal with RONA (LOWE’S), unless otherwise authorized. The following are the documents covered by EDI transmissions: ANSI 850 Purchase Order, ANSI 810 Invoice, ANSI 810c Credit Notes. 3 months are allowed to complete the RONA Electronic Data Interchange process from the date Read More →

Hibbett EDI Enrollement

Hibbett EDI Enrollement Vendor Requirements Hibbett EDI Enrollement procedures demand all vendors to follow the listed steps. First, contact the Hibbett EDI department following the Buyer’s request to begin testing. Shipment deadlines must be communicated at this time. Schedule a conference call with the EDI Department to discuss testing and questions with EDI such as SDQ Read More →

Hibbett EDI

Hibbett EDI Compliance And Vendor Requirements Hibbett EDI is a part of program of a total commitment to industry-wide technologies that utilize Electronic Commerce, including Universal Product Code (UPC), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and internet technologies. Through the use of this technology, vendors and retail divisions will realize speed in processing, improved accuracy of data, Read More →