EDIFACT DELFOR D96A Message (Faurecia Trading Partners) EDIFACT DELFOR D96A message may be used as shipping instruction, since the first part of the horizon is firm requirement, and also as planning forecast. Message guidelines cover two business cases with Faurecia – LISA process (Levelled procurement method with MANIFESTS) and NON LISA process (Non Levelled procurement method – NO Read More →

EDI Charging

EDI Charging Types: Connection & Session, Transaction and Character, Creative Billing EDI Charging regarding Connection & Session means that each time a company initiates a connection to the VAN they can be charged for the connection. They can also be charged for the length of the session time. Also, there might be an extra charge for each interconnect transaction, since VANs do Read More →

EDI Cost Analysis

EDI Cost Analysis: VAN Set-Up And Minimum Charges EDI Cost Analysis regarding VAN services is complicated and difficult to understand at first. The costs depend mainly on the volume of traffic. Some of these charges depend on the terms negotiated with the VAN. Once upon an EDI time, most companies used a VAN, and there were relatively few VANs. This Read More →

Faurecia Package

Faurecia Package and Handling Unit, label ETI9 and B-10 Faurecia Package and Handling Unit guidelines describe the requirements regarding the labels to use to tag the Packages and Handling Units when deliveries to Faurecia are done to meet the Manifests issued by Faurecia. At Faurecia the logistic method to level the requirements and to control Read More →