Vendor Shipping Requirements

Vendor Shipping Requirements (Zappos International Shipments) Vendor Shipping Requirements demand that Zappos Vendors fulfilling out of international facilities must first contact the International Inbound Logistics team prior to shipping. Information to be included on Zappos International Routing Request Form: Valid Zappos Merchandising Purchase Order Number (1‐22 alphanumeric characters) Total actual number of cartons Total actual pairs or numbers of Read More →

EDI Shipping: Zappos Paid Freight via the Zappos Routing Request Portal EDI Shipping requirements set for Zappos vendors described in today’s post concern Zappos Paid Freight. Upon approval of vendor Routing Request submitted via the Zappos Routing Request Portal, vendor will receive instructions via e-mail from Zappos EDI Shipping team – Inbound Logistics team. These instructions Read More →

UPC And EAN Barcodes

UPC And EAN Barcodes Requirements For Zappos and Vendors UPC And EAN Barcodes must be GS1 Certified when conducting business with Zappos and Vendors should place a human-readable and scannable UPC label (12 digits) or EAN label (13 digits) on every individual product packaging sent to the FC. Only one UPC or one EAN should be Read More →

EDI Domestic Shipments

EDI Domestic Shipments Requirements (Zappos Routing Request) EDI Domestic Shipments Requirements: Zappos does not require packing lists for its domestic inbound shipments. However, if it is part of vendor standard routine to attach or include a packing slip with its Purchase Order, vendor is free to do so. Accurate total number of cartons per Purchase Order Accurate total number Read More →

Zappos EDI Master Shipping Carton

Zappos EDI Master Shipping Carton Information Zappos EDI Master Shipping Carton guidelines require that all individual products must be packed in a master shipping carton. Do not use staples to secure cartons. Remove any plastic or metal banding prior to shipping. Cartons need to be sealed tight to prevent damages. Zappos EDI Master Shipping Carton Packing: Maximize Read More →

Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders

Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders Definition And Notes Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders are available for new adult apparel product only. Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders are only created by the Zappos Buyer. A Photo Purchase Order (Photo PO) is an independent PO devised to send merchandise directly from the supplier to the Zappos Photo Studio Read More →

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Fulfillment Requirements (Zappos) Purchase Order Fulfillment requirements given below will help vendors to study Zappos demands to EDI business relationships. Purchase Order Fulfillment rules are obligatory for all Zappos vendors. Failure to confirm or respond to a Purchase Order within two (2) business days shall constitute your acceptance of the order. Ready to Ship Date: Zappos Purchase Read More →

Zappos GS1-128 Shipping Label

Zappos GS1-128 Shipping Label (Carton Label) Notes And Examples Zappos GS1-128 Shipping Label level detail should match the items inside the carton. A SSCC-18 barcode needs to be used for each carton and must match the 856 (MAN02). Each carton should only have one SSCC-18 barcode – no other scannable codes (besides the PO#) should be included on the Read More →

Zappos EDI Documents

Zappos EDI Documents Description and Requirements Zappos EDI Documents descriptions and notes are given for exhisting or potential EDI vendors. Zappos EDI Documents requirements must be analized and implemented by vendoring comapnies. 856 Advance Ship Notice—ASN (SH) The ASN should be sent within 2 hours of the shipment leaving the Vendor’s dock. The ASN does not replace the Routing Request process. All Read More →

Zappos EDI Transactions

Zappos EDI Transactions Description and Requirements Zappos EDI Transactions descriptions and notes are given for exhisting or potential EDI vendors. Zappos EDI Transactions requirements must be analized and implemented by vendoring comapnies. 850 Purchase Order Prior to receiving any orders, please complete the EDI testing and certification process. Paper and email orders are not valid and cannot be Read More →