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EDI Guidelines for DELFOR Message (Tenneco Automotive Vendors)

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about Tenneco DELFOR transaction (EDIFACT standard), and will review the following types:

  • EDIFACT (D96A) DELFOR MESSAGE – 6 month forecast

DELFOR – standard 6 months forecast

The EDI DELFOR message will be used to inform sellers about medium to long-term requirements and shortterm delivery instructions. The short-term delivery instructions will be also submitted separately based on the DELFOR KANBAN JIT Call-off transaction.

Tenneco EDI Guides

DELFOR – Full example Situation:

  • At 16/06/1999 TAE plant MONROEST sends a delivery instruction to supplier 208840. Delivery instruction number 102 of scheduling agreement 145726.
  • Materials have to be delivered to consignee MONROEST. Place of discharge: MONROEST
  • The delivery quantities/dates of the first material 06081021 are firm commitments.
  • The delivery quantities/dates of the second material 06081045 are commitments for material.
  • The delivery quantities/dates of the third material 06082188 are for planning/forecast.

Corresponding message structure

UNB+UNOA:1+MONROEEUROPE+0941A260378040+990616:1204+003760+000108+DELFOR’ UNH+0000001+DELFOR:D:96A:UN:A09041′ BGM+241+132′ DTM+137:19990616:102′ NAD+BY+MONROEST:92′ NAD+SE+208840:92′ UNS+D’ NAD+CN+MONROEST::92′ LIN++3+06081021:IN’ LOC+11+MONROEST’ RFF+ON:0145726′ RFF+AAN:1021′ RFF+AIF:1021′ QTY+113:2100:PCE’ SCC+1++D’ DTM+117:19990621:102′ DTM+128:19990623:102′ QTY+113:2100:PCE’ SCC+1++D’ DTM+117:19990628:102′ DTM+128:19990630:102′ QTY+113:2100:PCE’ SCC+1++D’ DTM+117:19990705:102′ DTM+128:19990707:102′ QTY+113:2100:PCE’ SCC+1++D’ DTM+117:19990712:102′ DTM+128:19990714:102′ LIN++3+06081045:IN’ LOC+11+MONROEST’ RFF+ON:0145726′ RFF+AAN:11032′ RFF+AIF:1026′ QTY+113:2000:PCE’ SCC+3++D’

DTM+117:19990719:102′ DTM+128:19990721:102′ QTY+113:1000:PCE’ SCC+3++D’ DTM+117:19990726:102′ DTM+128:19990728:102′ QTY+113:8000:PCE’ SCC+3++M’ DTM+2:199908:610′ LIN++3+06082188:IN’ LOC+11+MONROEST’ RFF+ON:0145726′ RFF+AAN:11031′ RFF+AIF:1025′ QTY+113:4000:PCE’ SCC+4++M’ DTM+117:199908:610′ DTM+128:199910:610′ QTY+113:9000:PCE’ SCC+4++M’ DTM+117:199909:610′ DTM+128:199911:610′ QTY+113:9000:PCE’ SCC+4++M’ DTM+117:199910:610′ DTM+128:199912:610′ UNS+S’ UNT+278+0000001′ UNZ+1+003760′

DELFOR KANBAN JIT Call-off transaction

TAE will use the standard DELFOR EDI message to inform sellers about short-term KANBAN JIT call-off delivery instructions. In this transaction TAE will only transmit 3 week KANBAN-JIT call-off information, which are shipping relevant. TAE expect some of this information to be populated in the DESADV message. Therefore, please note the reference information in the DESADV. TAE will send for each line item to be shipped: Material reference number (article number) Purchase order reference (scheduling agreement number and item) Individual JIT Call information (JIT Call-off number and item).

Tenneco EDI requirements

DESADV EDI Transaction

The DESADV message will be used by the seller to inform the receiver about goods dispatched. TAE requires certain information to be populated in the DESADV transaction from the suppliers, based on the DELFOR KANBAN JIT Call-off information. TAE requires a total quantity per item (material reference) TAE also requires for each JIT Call-off item number the individual quantities (container quantity), the total of these individual quantities equal the total material item quantity.

EDI webinars

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