EDI Messages Validation

EDI Messages Validation Process (Working with provider)

Testing is the essential phase of EDI implementation with a provider. It involves both parties: a provider sends business documents to your trading partner, and the trading partner checks the transactions and sends back the necessary responses to a definite transaction. If the supplier returns an incorrect message, your provider informs the supplier about this. At this stage, the errors must be analyzed and corrected. This is a process of validation. 

Validation can be processed manually or automatically. During manual validation, the transaction is checked in accordance with the guidelines, however, it is an error-prone method involving more effort and time. The automatic method supposes using in-built validation checks scenarios and is more reliable. Also, there is semi-automatic checking, using applications for checking message syntax (usually external software). Automatic checking scenarios immediately report errors and return them via email or web portal. 

Once the errors have been corrected and the transaction passes validation, the message will be sent to your company EDI team to check.

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