Testing EDI Transactions

Testing EDI Transactions (Barneys EDI Trading Partners)

Testing EDI transactions with Barneys is a part of vendor registration. This is a mandatory step for all suppliers and the EDI agreement is standard for all. Testing appointment: A Barneys EDI provider (InterTrade) representative will contact you to ensure your readiness to receive a generic test PO.

Pre-testing validations: There are 2 key validations:

  • Ensure the trading partner setup on your VAN is done with the Barneys Test ID (BARNEYSNEWYORKT)
  • Confirm that you have mapped the 850, 856 and 810 transactions according to Barneys’ requirements in their mapping guides

Testing requirements: A 997 (Functional Acknowledgement) transaction must be returned upon receipt of the Barneys 850 generic test PO. Up to 3 test 850 transactions can be sent within a 30 day period from the starting test date until a clean 997 is received. Additional testing fees will apply when exceeding:

  • More than 3 tests per transaction type,
  • A testing period of 30 days from the kick-off testing date

Test Completion: InterTrade will notify Barneys upon completion of your 850 connectivity testing.  Once both InterTrade confirms your connectivity testing of the 850 is completed, you will then complete integrated transaction testing with Barneys directly.

Phase One Test:

  • InterTrade will email you when we are ready to send the InterTrade 850 generic test.
  • Please respond and confirm when you are ready to receive the 850 test.
  • Be sure your VAN is set up with the Barneys Test ID (ZZ / BARNEYSNEWYORKT)
  • Please confirm via email when the test has been received.
  • Return a 997 (functional acknowledgement) for the transaction received (AK2 and AK5 is required)
  • In all your communications, please cc barneys@intertrade.com so our team can be kept up to date.

Phase Two Test:

  • When the InterTrade testing is completed and vendors 997 functional acknowledgement is returned to InterTrade. InterTrade will notify Barneys, generic testing is completed.
  • Barneys will then contact you to test the following documents:
    • 850 purchase order
    • 856 advanced ship notice
    • 810 invoice
  • Barneys test 850s will utilize product catalog GTIN’s for all three (3) order types as follows:
    • A Flow Through Order, bulk order to DC
    • A Direct Ship Order, SDQ, to store
    • A Cross Dock Order, SDQ, mark-for-store
  • 856 and 810 Vendor Qualification Testing: The following documents should be developed and transmitted to Barneys.
    • 856 ASN advance ship notice, using a small package carrier (i.e. FDEG, UPSG, etc.)
    • 810 Invoice produced from the 856 ASN shipment.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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