Texas Comptroller EDI Enrollement

Texas Comptroller EDI Enrollement Process (Electronic Reporting)

Texas Comptroller EDI Enrollement must be successfully completed for each taxpayer and each tax type to file using EDI. Texas Comptroller EDI is a form of electronic reporting that is available for Sales Tax, Direct Pay, Motor Fuels, Natural Gas, Crude Oil and IFTA.

Texas Comptroller EDI Enrollement Requirements:

  • 11-digit taxpayer number: Each taxpayer has an 11-digit taxpayer number assigned by the Texas Comptroller.
  • WebFile Number: Each taxpayer and tax type is assigned a WebFile Number. The WebFile Number starts with RT and is followed by six digits (RT000000). This number is found on the top, left corner of pre-printed returns sent to the mailing address on file for the taxpayer.
  • EDI File: You must create an EDI file that meets the Comptroller’s mapping requirements. EDI files meeting mapping requirements can be produced using the Comptrollers’ free EDI software.
  • Natural Gas and Crude Oil Only: To file returns on behalf of a Natural Gas or Crude Oil taxpayer, you may be required to submit a Power of Attorney Form.

Registering on the EDI Website

Steps covering the registration process for the EDI website, which will allow you to upload your test file and obtain enrollment to file EDI returns:

  1. Go to the EDI Registration Page.
  2. Review the EDI Guidelines and select Continue:
  3. Enter the following Registration Information and select Continue:
    • Taxpayer Number
    • Tax Type (Sales Tax, Direct Pay, Motor Fuels, Natural Gas, Crude Oil or IFTA)
    • WebFile Number
    • Contact Last Name
    • Contact First Name
    • Daytime Telephone
    • Email Address Warning: This is where you will receive confirmation emails for your EDI file submissions. If the email is incorrect you will not receive the confirmation email for approval to file electronically.
  4. Enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN should be 8-13 numbers and letters. Note: The PIN is the password you will use to log into your EDI account.
  5. Enter a Reminder Phrase for your account.
  6. Select the Continue button on the Create Pin page.
  7. Review Taxpayer Information and select Continue or select Change Registration Info. if the information is incorrect.
  8. Select Continue on the Taxpayer Information page.
  9. You have completed the registration process.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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