Texas Comptroller Enrolling

Texas Comptroller Enrolling in EDI Electronic Reporting (Adding Taxpayer Client Information, Enrolling, Verification of Enrollment)

Texas Comptroller Enrolling in EDI Electronic Reporting requires selecting a taxpayer and browse for the test file that is located on the computer. Taxpayer will not be able to complete this process unless he has a file that meets EDI requirements. The file must be a Text (.txt) file or an EDI (.edi) file. Other formats are not accepted.

Adding Taxpayer Client Information

You will be adding each of the taxpayers for whom you will be uploading a test file. Repeat the following process as many times as needed.

  1. Enter the Taxpayer Number.
  2. Enter the WebFile Number.
  3. Select the Add button. The Taxpayer Number will appear in the Test Taxpayer List box

You have completed the Adding Taxpayer Client Information chapter. Select Continue to start Enrolling in EDI Electronic Reporting.

Enrolling in EDI Electronic Reporting

  1. Select the Taxpayer Number in the Test Taxpayer List. The Taxpayer Number will now be highlighted in blue.
  2. Select Continue.
  3. Select the Browse button on the Test File Upload page.
  4. Navigate to the EDI file previously created by the software. Comptroller software provides the location of your EDI files in the Returns to Process box that you can view by clicking on the Filing/Process icon in the software.
  5. Select the EDI file you previously created. When selected the file information will be highlighted in blue.
  6. Select the Open button.
  7. View the file you have chosen to upload in the Test File Upload page.
  8. Select the Submit button on the Test File Upload page.
  9. You will receive the Test Upload Confirmation Page. The confirmation page does not constitute enrollment. Enrollment will be verified through the confirmation email.
  10. Continue to Verification of Enrollment.

Verification of Enrollment

Here we explain how approval to file electronically is received, and actions required for a Passed or Failed test file. Warning! A Test file is not used to file a return or make payment. You must upload a Production file to fulfill return or payment requirements.

  1. Check your email! The email will come from donotreply@cpa.texas.gov.
  2. The confirmation email you will receive details information regarding your submission.
  3. Ensure the Status is Passed.
  4. The automated approval process is available from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday. During this time EDI files will be reviewed and confirmation emails will be sent within an hour of submission. EDI files received outside of these hours will be reviewed during the next approval process window.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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