The Home Depot vendor EDI guidelines regarding outbound documents

The Home Depot Vendor EDIThe Home Depot Vendor EDI basic demands for outbound documents will be discussed in today’s blog post. The Home Depot Vendor EDI requirements for inbound documents can be found here. Generic data for the outbound documents is available on the Commerce Desk testing system. These documents need to be downloaded and processed through the Partner’s applications to ensure that they will process correctly and correspond The Home Depot Vendor EDI requirements.

820/Remittance Advice

  1. The 820 is required for EFT (electronic funds transfer).
  2. EFT is not available in Canada at this time.
  3. The Home Depot Vendor EDI requir a different ISA ID for the 820. Please note that 997’s need to be sent to this ID for the 820 document.

850/Purchase Order

  1. A duplicate Purchase Order check is required to ensure Purchase Orders are not processed multiple times. This check must be based on Purchase Order number and ‘ship to’ location (store number). This is required for Purchase Orders only.
  2. The Home Depot requires that all Purchase Orders be picked up within 12 hours after posting to the VAN.

997/Functional Acknowledgment 864/Text Message

  1. Reconcile 997’s to any transactions and resend documents where The Home Depot has rejected a transaction or The Home Depot has not received the documents.
  2. The 997 will note errors for ANSI standards. Error codes for the 997:
  • ‘E’ – Conditional ANSI error. The Home Depot will try to process the document. Be sure to monitor for an 864. Any errors need to be corrected on future documents.
  • ‘R’ – Document Rejected. The Home Depot could not process. The document will need to be corrected and re-sent.

864/Text Message

  1. The 864 document contains The Home Depot proprietary errors on the original document. Any document receiving an 864 message needs to be corrected and resent within a timely manner.
  2. The Home Depot will also send the 864/Text Message in the case of a duplicate interchange. If you receive such notification and the transactions within the interchange had not previously been sent, retransmit the interchange using a unique interchange control number.

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