Ticketing Requirements For Hibbett EDI Vendors

Ticketing Requirements: All merchandise shipped to Hibbett must include the UPC and Hibbett retail provided by EDI PO (850) transmission. The barcode must be visible and easily accessible for scanning. Do not place UPC tickets inside waistbands, packaging etc. Use only the UPC. Each item must contain only one bar code; human readable UPC and retail reported on Hibbett 850 Purchase Order. All vendors should have an ongoing UPC barcode quality control program in place that ensures print quality for scanability. All vendors must not recycle UPC codes for a minimum of 4 years.

Create UPCs based on the GS-1 specifications. A 100% nominal “Version A” UPC format bar code should be 1.25” in length (including quiet zone), and 1.0” in height, with the narrowest bar or space width of 13 mil (+ or – 4 mil). UPC tickets must be securely affixed to the merchandise. For garments use a plastic swift-attach device or sewn in label.


According to general Ticketing Requirements, UPC tickets are affixed to the left sleeve side of most garments. For questions regarding UPC
ticket placement (on garments or packages), refer to the GS-1 US website “10 Steps to Barcode Implementation”. If fabric damage is a concern, the ticket should be swift attached through the sewn-in label in the neck. Contact the Buyer with further questions.

Ticketing Requirements

All caps should be ticketed with an adhesive label on the underside of the cap bill. The names “Hibbett”, “Hibbett Sports” or “Hibbett Sporting Goods” should not appear on the price ticket. Ticket placement should not cover any product information. All ticket formats must be approved before use.

A UPC / Hibbett retail ticket must be placed on the item so it is clearly visible to customers and sales associates. Ensure the size description and price are clearly visible on the retail ticket. It should be printed no smaller than an 18-point bold font.

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