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TMHP Multipage Claim Forms: Professional

The approved TMHP Multipage Claim Forms electronic format is designed to list 50 line items. The total number of details allowed for a professional claim by the TMHP claims processing system (C21) is 28. If the services provided exceed 28 line items on an approved electronic claims format or 28 line items on paper claims, the provider must submit another claim for the additional line items.

The CMS-1500 paper claim form is designed to list six line items in Block 24. If more than six line items are billed on a paper claim, a provider may attach additional forms (pages) totaling no more than 28 line items. The first page of a multipage claim must contain all the required billing information. On subsequent pages of the multipage claim, the provider should identify the client’s name, diagnosis, information required for services in Block 24, and the page number of the attachment (for example, page 2 of 3) in the top right-hand corner of the form and indicate “continued” in Block 28. The combined total charges for all pages should be listed on the last page in Block 28.

Providers who submit professional claims for inpatient services are required to include only the facility’s NPI on the CMS-1500 paper claim form or electronic equivalent. The CMS-1500 paper claim form and electronic equivalents do not have a field for the facility’s TPI.

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