Topco 880 EDI (Invoice) Guidelines

Topco 880 EDITopco 880 EDI transaction can only be processes once. Subsequent receipt of the same Topco 880 EDI Invoice will error out in Topco’s accounting system as a duplicate and will not be processed. Therefore, Topco 880 EDI Invoice with errors should not be corrected and resent via EDI, unlessrequested by Topco. A corrected paper invoice must be sent or faxed to Topco Accounts Payable. Errors in syntax or required data elements should be corrected for future invoices.

If Topco 880 EDI includes a terms discount, the G3301 Total Invoice Amount is the invoice total before the terms discount is applied.

G01 PO Number Notes

  • In G0104, the 5 leading and 3 trailing zeroes of Topco’s PO # may be included, but are not required. Examples: 1. 000001234567000 2. 000001234567 3. 1234567
  • Topco requests that you send Topco’s customer’s PO number in G0105; if this is not possible, it may be sent in G0104 following the Topco PO number, separated by a slash, with no spaces. Example: 1761234/123456.

G23 Terms of Sale Notes

If payment terms include a discount, the data elements related to discounts are required (G2305, 06, 07, 10, 11, 12).

G17 Item Number Notes

Note that, on the EDI invoice, Topco can accept the UPC case code in 2-5-5 format, vendor item number, and/or Topco item number, in any one of the following formats.

For UPC case coded items:

  • UPC case code only, in G1704. Format 2-5-5 – OR –
  • UPC case code in G1704, and Vendor item number with qualifier (VN) in G1705/06

For non-UPC case coded items:

  • Topco item number with qualifier (PI) in G1705/06 or G1707/08 – OR –
  • Topco item number with qualifier (PI), and Vendor item number with qualifier (VN) in G1705/06 and G1707/08


  • The 14 digit GTIN may be sent in the G1706 with the ‘UK’ qualifer in the G1705, but is not required.
  • If GTIN is sent, the UPC Case Code is required in the G1704.
  • Random Weight Items UOM Notes Random weight items are usually ordered by a UOM of case (CA) or box (BX), with a billing UOM of LB. For these items, the invoice needs to show the billing UOM as LB, and the ship UOM as CA or BX (per the PO).
  • The G17 invoice detail segment should reference weight, price, and UOM as follows: G17*1234*LB*1.23**PI*123456****100*CAμ G1701 Weight billed G1702 Billing UOM = ‘LB’ G1703 Price per LB G1705 Qualifier = ‘PI’ G1706 Topco item # G1710 # of Cases shipped G1711 Order UOM per PO; usually CA or BX

Topco cannot process multiple invoices per purchase order. Subsequent invoices will require a Proof of Delivery, and result in delayed payment.

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