Topco EDI Invoice – Grocery Products Invoice – Received From Vendors (Version 004010UCS)

Topco EDI InvoiceTopco EDI Invoice can only be processes once. Subsequent receipt of the same Topco EDI Invoice will error out in Topco’s accounting system as a duplicate and will not be processed. Therefore, Topco EDI Invoice with errors should not be corrected and resent via EDI, unlessrequested by Topco. A corrected paper invoice must be sent or faxed to Topco Accounts Payable.

Mention some Topco EDI Invoice mapping notes given below.


  • ISA01: 00
  • ISA03: 00
  • ISA05/ISA07: 08
  • ISA06/ISA08: 9256490000
  • ISA11: U
  • ISA12: 00401
  • ISA14: 0
  • ISA15: P
  • ISA16: > (hex 6E in EBCDIC)


  • GS01: GP (880)
  • GS02/GS03: 8473293489
  • GS07: T
  • GS08: 004010UCS


  • GS01: FA
  • ST01: 997
  • TOPCO’S DUNS NUMBER: 0069359770001

Topco must receive a functional acknowledgment within 24 hours of the actual transmission.

G01 Invoice Identification Notes

  • G01 04 – Purchase Order Number: Topco Purchase Order Number (this number is located in the G5003 on the 875 purchase order)
  • G01 05 Topco Customer Order Number Topco Customer Purchase Order Number (this number is located in the N902 on the 875 purchase order)

G25 FOB Information Notes

  • G25 01 Shipment Method of Payment:
    • ‘CC’ – Collect
    • ‘PB’ – Customer Pickup / Backhaul
    • ‘PC’ – Prepaid, but Charged to Topco
    • ‘PO’ – Prepaid Only
    • ‘PP’ – Prepaid (by seller)
  • G25 02 FOB Point Code:
    • ’02’ – Destination
    • ’03’ – Plant
    • ’04’ – Point of Origin

G17 Item Detail – Invoice Notes

G17 05 Product / Service Qualifier:

  • ‘UK’ – SCC-14 Case Code
  • ‘PI’ – Topco Item Code
  • ‘VN’ – Vendor Item Code

Topco would prefer that the Topco and member purchase order numbers (G5003 and N902 respectively) both appear on the invoice sent to Topco. However, if this is not possible at least one of them must appear on the invoice as received in the Purchase Order. See 880 Invoice Notes for acceptable formats.

A 6-digit Topco product code with ‘PI’ qualifier required for non-UPC Case Code items.

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